Stop the Sadistic German Education Protecting the Banks Attacking the People of Europe, by Showing the Affected Points of Pain!
  • Stop euro pain now because such german morality promoting the "eduction" by destructive punishment can only prove that in the last century the german society In the previous century the german society started two world wars only for to lose both, because of fatal trust in incompetent leaders, inherent ignorance, and homogenic ambitions and perfectionism. learned only replacing T for B or Tanks for Banks in attempt to seizenow, in this century, not by army, but by police, guarding the currency and central bank of europe, but separately from the bonds of germany europe. Sincerely the stopeuropain mailing list.
  • This is a call to Stop the austerity measures orchestrated from, for and by Germany; Measures which are now and always combined with tolerance for killer fascists and increased measures against immigrants and which ultimately together assist in capturing Europe by Germany, as Germany did one century ago - only now, with only one new lesson; Replacing T for B, or Tanks for Banks. Germany, now is the Time to shake you, please wake up , please learn some more lessons from the trouble you have made, only one century ago!

Racism is always implemented in many ways and layers. This page is about the fight in Germany for benefiting all European and non-pro-German-only populations. For using other calendar in other locations in germany or in other languages, simply clone this site:

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  • We now need you to help in building, informing, learning and just being, with us in our daytime info tent in Heinrichplatz.

This is A State of Emergency for us who are against the austerity measures (as even the imf already proved that we get output loss of 1% for every 1% of austerity) and who are against the police aggression against the people in Europ! For us the source for such phenomena must be included - the source who are the politicians allowing such use of police agencies to protect the risk taken by banks, instead of making the banks loss the loan together with the interest they gave for their wrong risk, which was taken while corrupting such or other politicians.

  • Action: opening one or more only day time political info tent in (1st in xberg berlin: Heinrichplatz?) showing the points of pain in europa.
  • Agenda: information from Europe from the point of view of those who suffer in Europe, such as in greece portugal spain greece italy, while pointing out that even the imf concluded that the banks should pay (haircut) for the risks they took, as the austerity measures only destroy the economies and socialites in europe (the imf 10/2012 outlook showing output loss of 1% for every 1% of austerity), such that those (6000) banks could collect in very low price any desired assets in europe, while the German society would now "earn" some new pulse of "educated, well trained and selected" immigration from the poor countries.

But and as always, the German society will be defeated by its own successful steps, this time by the people - the people who are agent of human and European values and agent of their origins, the people who would become a Trojan horse in any (German or not) society attacing the people of europ.

  • About:

stop the pain in Europe
stop the


the banks
the people
of Europe
stop it now because
such pain could never be ignored because


this criss will always be remembered and memorized
and because such morality can only prove that
in the last centenary the German society
learned only replacing T for B or Tanks for Banks
stop the pain in Europe
first by learning what is now happening in Europe
and how much the democracy in Europe is broken.


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